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...To create devices which can Capture odors, turn them into Digital data so as to Transmit them everywhere in the world...

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Digital Olfaction Society


Call for oral and

Poster presentations

...To create devices which can Capture odors, turn them into Digital data so as to Transmit them everywhere in the world... 

On behalf of the Scientific Committee of the Digital Olfaction Society, and its Chairman, Pr Marvin Edeas, it is a great pleasure to announce you the launch of a World Organization about the Digital Olfaction: Digital Olfaction Society (DOS).

Why a Digital Olfaction Society?

  •  Exploit the advances of Digital Olfaction Research & Development: analyze, promote, gather, exchange and clarify the breakthroughs and perspectives of leading-edge technologies related to olfaction between researchers and industrialists
  • Consider the practical applications of Digital Olfaction: grasp the way in which we can transfer the concrete breakthroughs of Research & Development towards industrial applications concerned by digital olfaction, encourage communication and interaction between researchers and food, cosmetics, electronics, etc, industries
  •  Project these applications to daily life to measure their impact on our lifestyle: design and extend the applications of digital smell technologies to everyday life in Communication, Food industries, Safety, Health, Entertainment….


Digital Olfaction Society Conference & Convention 2013 – Berlin - Germany

The First meeting on Digital Olfaction will be held in Berlin, Germany, on April 11-12, 2013.
The program of the convention is as following:

Session 1: Recent advances of digital olfaction Research & Development 
Session 2: Practical applications of Digital Olfaction 
Session 3: Digital Olfaction & impact on our lifestyle

Among Chairmen & speakers we already have:
  • Pr Marvin Edeas (FR), founder of Digital Olfaction Society, Chairman
  • Pr Takamichi Nakamoto (JP), Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Physical Electronics, Chairman
  • Pr Alan Chalmers (UK), University of Warwick, International Digital Laboratory
  • Pr Corrado Di Natale (IT), University of Roma « Tor Vergata », Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Pr Dominique Martinez (FR), Laboratoire Lorrain de Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications (LORIA)
  • Dr Jenny Tillotson (UK), University of the Arts London
  • Pr Charles Spence (UK), University of Oxford, Crossmodal Research Laboratory
  • Pr Yasuyuki Yanagida (JP), Meijo University, Department of Information Engineering
  • Dr Achim Lilienthal (SE), Örebro University, Head of AASS Mobile Robot and Olfaction Lab, Sweden


Call for oral and

Poster presentations

Deadline for Oral Presentations Submission: March 4, 2013
Deadline for Poster Presentations Submission: March 25, 2013 

For all further information about Membership, Network Session, Registration, VIP Access…please visit our website on www.digital-olfaction.com

All our best,

DOS Team


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