Tuesday, 11 November 2014 00:00

Chemical sensing mechanisms for olfactory receptors

TouharaDuring DOS World Congress 2014, Dr Kazu Touhara, from Tokyo University will discuss about the Chemical sensing mechanisms for olfactory receptors.
According Dr Touhara, the mechanisms underlying odor sensing have been debated for a long time. After the discovery of the gene family comprising olfactory receptor (OR) genes in 1991, the receptor theory appeared to be proved. During the last decade or so, genome projects have generated an abundance of information about the OR multigene family in various species. Along with the collection of the genomic information, many ORs have been deorphanized, and the combinatorial coding model has become a rule used to explain the sophisticated discriminatory power of the olfactory system. In this talk, Dr Touhara will summarize the current understanding of how ORs recognize and discriminate thousands of odor molecules at a molecular level in various animal species. 
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