Tuesday, 26 August 2014 09:14

Odor Processing in Biological and Artificial Olfactory Systems

Barani RamanProfessor Barani Raman, from the Washington University in St-Louis, United States, runs the Systems Neuroscience & Neuromorphic Engineering Laboratory. During the 2nd DOS World Congress 2014, he will tackle Odor Processing in Biological and Artificial Olfactory Systems


Pr. Raman will present how the nervous system encodes complex sensory stimuli, and study how the multidimensional and dynamic odor signals encoded as neural representations and processed by olfactory circuits in the brain will provide valuable insights into the design and computational principles of sensory systems.

During his talk, he will present some of his team's recent work in understanding how information about odorant identity and intensity are represented in the relatively simple olfactory system of the fruit flies and locusts. He will explain how sensory invariance in maintained with respect to varying background conditions and with adaptation. The fundamental olfactory processing principles are not only important for understanding how the brain interprets odor signals, but are also necessary for engineering solutions inspired by biological computations for addressing several high dimensional and non-linear problems.

Pr. Raman will moreover briefly discuss his complementary research in the application of biological principles to develop a neuromorphic ‘electronic nose’.


For more information: www.digital-olfaction.com