Sunday, 10 August 2014 00:00

Dr. Noam Sobel will talk about a metric approach to olfactory perceptual space

Noam SobelDuring Digital Olfaction Society 2014 which will be held at Tokyo Institute of Technology, on December 08-09, Dr. Noam Sobel from Weizman Institute of Sciences will give a oral presentation about "A metric approach to olfactory perceptual space".

According Dr. Noam Sobel: "Olfaction is the result of a transform across three domains: From a domain of odorant structure, through a domain of odor-induced neural activity, and on to an ultimate domain of odor perception. In order to understand the rules of this transform, and ultimately digitize it, we must be able to measure each of these three domains. In other words, we need a measure of odor structure, a measure of odor-induced neural activity, and a measure of odor-induced perception. Here I will describe our efforts to generate such measures, or metrics, for olfaction. I will end with highlighting the relevance of these metrics for electronic noses."



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