Thursday, 22 September 2016 14:55

Intelligent sensing and classification using odor sensors

Digital Olfaction Sensors ArrayOdor sensing and classification have become important from a viewpoint of enforcement of information quality as one of five senses of human being. Dr Sigeru Omatu showed two kinds of odor sensors and their intelligent classification.One is a metal-oxide semi-conductor gas sensor and the other is a quartz crystal microbalance sensor. By comparing both sensing results, the team of Dr Sigeru Omatu discussed the advantage and disadvantage of both sensors. After that, they showed one application to classification of bad breath using metal-oxide gas sensors. Finally, the small scale odor classification device of bad breath is shown.

Dr Sigeru Omatu is professor at Osaka Institute of Technology in Japan. During DOS World Congress, he will give a presentation related to the intelligent sensing and the classifiation of using odor sensors.

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