Friday, 21 January 2011 00:00

Olfaction & Issues 2010: The Innovation Award was discerned to Patrick Pagéat

Patrick Pageat Pherosysnthese Olfaction2010

The Organizing Committee of Olfaction & Issue Conference announced the prestigious Award for 

The Scientific Committee of Olfaction & Issues has discerned the Olfaction Innovation Award 2010 to Pr Patrick Pagéat from Pherosynthese Research Institute for their innovative method. The scientific committee was seduced by the originality of the method using a synthetic analogue of maternal odour secretions.

Who is Pr Pagéat? 

Pr Patrick Pageat is a founder of the Pherosynthese Research Institute where he is head of the department dedicated to livestock species. Currently, he is professor of applied ethology and animal welfare at Purpan faculty of agronomy, member of the scientific committee of the University of Turin (Italy) and president of the European College of Behavioural Medicine – Companion animals.

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