Digital Olfaction Society Aims

The  Digital Olfaction Society (DOS) is a non-profit-making organization. In no case, part of its assets or incomes shall benefit to any private or individual partnership or corporation.


The project on olfactory digitization was initiated by Dr Marvin Edeas in March 2012 in order to highlight and exploit a world unknown so far. This innovative topic punctuates the Conference Olfaction & Issues 2010 to open up toward a subject with large scientific and industrial potential, called the olfaction digital science. This global organization logically follows the 1st congress dedicated to olfaction; from now on we would like to grasp  the new strategies to study olfaction so as to innovate and promote the digital smell technologies which have a real impact on our lifestyle; thus Digital Olfaction Society was born to meet the need for knowledge clarification.

Our course of action: challenges!

I/   Exploit the advances of digital olfaction Research & Development

  • Highlight interdisciplinary sciences related to digital olfaction
  • Analyze and promote the technologies in the  following Research fields:
    • Chemistry, Biochemistry and its impact on Neuroscience
    • Electronics, Physics, Engineering
    • Mathematics, Computer science
  • Gather, exchange, clarify the breakthroughs and perspectives of leading-edge technologies related to olfaction between researchers and industrialists
  • Consider artificial intelligence in its applications in terms of devices and equipment derived from scientific Research

II/ Consider the practical applications of digital olfaction

  • Grasp the way in which we can transfer the concrete breakthroughs of Research & Development towards industrial applications concerned by digital olfaction
  • Encourage communication and interaction between researchers and food, cosmetics, electronics, etc, industries
  • Boost the marketing potential of digital olfaction for industrialists and strategic managers
  • Bring together the countries involved in the application of digital olfaction so as to integrate the international knowledge

III/ Project these applications to daily life to measure their impact on our lifestyle

  • Design and extend the applications of digital smell technologies to everyday life
  • List and consider the fields of possibilities in
    • Communication
    • Food industries
    • Safety
    • Health
    • Entertainment….
  • Discuss the impact of such applications on the  consumers of these new products
  • Assume and deal with the possible limitations related to the entry of digital olfaction into the above-mentioned sections