Tokyo 2014

Tokyo 2014

Compte Rendu 3D DOSDigital Olfaction Society is a huge success and a record of participation for the 2nd edition with more than 110 participations around Short Oral and Posters Presentation and also Demonstrations which are presented during the meeting. 

You can access to the final program of the congress by clicking here.

You can access to the videos of the demonstrations by clicking here.

Tokyo odaibaThe Scientific Committee of the Digital Society Olfaction (DOS) announced the program of scientific congress and demonstrations of the second World Congress of Digital Olfaction Society, held at Tokyo Institute of Technology on December 8-9, 2014.


During the Digital Olfaction Conferences, Innovations & Devices will be presented last advances and methods which allow to capture odors and perfume, turn them into digital data so as to transmit them everywhere in the world and finally recapture the digital smell signal, diffuse and use them…

Noam SobelDuring Digital Olfaction Society 2014 which will be held at Tokyo Institute of Technology, on December 08-09, 2014, Dr. Noam Sobel from Weizman Institute of Sciences will give a oral presentation about "A metric approach to olfactory perceptual space".

Yanxia Hou-BroutinDuring the 2nd DOS World Congress, a special session is dedicated to the New Generation of Sensors & E-nose.

This session will be introduce by Dr Yanxia Hou-Broutin from CEA-Grenoble, France. Recently Dr Hou-Broutin teams have developed a new paradigm based on a combinatorial approach to simplify greatly the preparation of sensing materials for constructing electronic noses / tongues (eN/eT).

Barani RamanProfessor Barani Raman, from the Washington University in St-Louis, United States, runs the Systems Neuroscience & Neuromorphic Engineering Laboratory. During the 2nd DOS World Congress 2014, he will tackle Odor Processing in Biological and Artificial Olfactory Systems

TouharaDuring DOS World Congress 2014, Dr Kazu Touhara, from Tokyo University will discuss about the Chemical sensing mechanisms for olfactory receptors.
According to Dr Touhara, the mechanisms underlying odor sensing have been debated for a long time. After the discovery of the gene family comprising olfactory receptor (OR) genes in 1991, the receptor theory appeared to be proved.