Wednesday, 02 November 2016 14:01

Tracks of DOS 2016

You can submit your abstract for short oral presentation or poster presentation.

The abstract category is the general heading under which an abstract is submitted and reviewed.If accepted, the abstract will be published under this heading in the Convention & Congress Program.

Track 1: Devices which capture odors

Track 2: Odors turned into digital data

Track 3: Restitution of odors

Track 4: Artificial olfaction

  • biologically-inspired models

Track 5: High Smell Technologies

  • electronic noses, machine olfaction, artificial intelligence olfaction systems

Track 6: Digital Scent Media

  • SMS, e-mail, website, USB flash driver, CD, DVD, scented-print

Track 7: Olfactory Marketing & Neuromarketing

  • olfactive ads, olfactory packaging, interactive website, QR olfacodes, scented-menu

Track 8: Food Industry

  • quality & safety control of food products

Track 9: Digital Cosmetology

  • own fragrance creation on line, smell-E-market

Track 10: Olfaction and jewelry

  • revolutionary watches, alarm-radio, scented brooch

Track 11: Olfactory entertainment

  • olfactory 3D movie-theaters, home's gadgets, guided-tour in biology & perfumery museums

Track 12: Formation and olfactory memory

  • class-rooms, cooking shows

Track 13: Digital scents at the service of Army 

  • simulating training systems, detection of danger, perfumes of military attack, explosive detection devices

Track 14: Interactive scented games

  • odorant teddy, video games

Track 15: Digital olfaction at the service of Human Health

  • pattern mimicking the sniffing dogs, e-aromachology, nursing-homes, psychiatric hospitals, smell icons for blind people, olfactory diagnosis

Track 16: Housekeeping, coziness & safety at home

  • home-care products, digitized fragrance house diffuser, hazardous odor detection devices

Track 17: Olfaction & Auto industry

  • olfactive attention assistance for tired driver

Track 18: New Generation of Sensors & E-nose

Track 19: Cancer & Olfaction: from Dogs to Digital Olfaction

Track 20: Robotics & Digital Olfaction

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