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The Future of Digital Olfaction is Here

Left: comparison of a reference station of air quality monitoring and a digital olfaction device. Right: Prototype of a digital nose (from University of Extremadura).

It is time for the digital olfaction. Other human senses such as vision, touch and hearing have already been successfully developed artificially. After more than 40 years of developing instruments that mimic the sense of smell, digital olfaction is ready to be used. The technologies of chemical sensors, electronic instrumentation and artificial intelligence together with the development of numerous prototypes of artificial olfactory systems have put this technology in a position where it must leave the laboratory and begin to extend its use in the different applications in which these technologies can be useful to society, either for the automation of processes that are carried out manually using sensory panels or to complement other analysis techniques. In this sense, in the coming years, digital olfaction will take off in a wide range of applications from the detection of diseases through breath, the air quality surveillance and detection of pollutants, the monitoring of food and beverage processing with low-cost devices that enable the creation of wireless sensor networks and personal devices for individual use, as happened a few years ago with touch devices, Smart voice assistants or cameras for computer vision.

For this to happen, the different industrial sectors, electronic equipment manufacturers and academia must join forces to develop new devices that will enable the development of new calculation algorithms to tackle these novel applications in which digital olfaction can improve people’s lives. Digital olfaction is sure to be the next digital sense.

Digital Olfaction Congress 2022 Annual meeting will accelerate the digital olfaction innovations in many fields. Among the demonstrations that will be presented:

Introducing Miniature Device for Digital Olfaction: Sniffing Smartwatch
Jesus Lozano Rogado
, President of DOS, University of Extremadura, Spain

Brand New Olfactive Age: Olfactive Technologies for Olfactory Measurement and Testing
Shuji Fujita
, Sony Corporation Olfactory Business Development Office, Japan

Digital Olfaction Innovation by RICOH
Katsuya Ujimoto
, Ricoh Company, Ltd., Japan

Demonstration of Aroma Oil Recognition by Deepsniffer
Chuanjun Liu,
U.S.E. Co., Ltd, Japan

Demo of Sensory Panel for Table Olives using Digital Olfaction Technology
Daniel Martín Vertedor,
 Scientific and Technological Research Center of Extremadura, Spain

DOS 2022 Full Program

Japan is now open and will host DOS 2022. Don’t miss your chance to join and get introduced to the latest digital olfaction discoveries and innovations.

You are welcome to submit your innovations before November 11.

For more information please contact: olfaction(at) 

Digital Olfaction 2022 Annual Meeting
November 29-30, 2022 – Tokyo, Japan & Online