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Tokyo will host the 7th Digital Olfaction Society Annual Meeting

The 7th International Meeting of the Digital Olfaction Society (DOS) will take place on November 29-30 in Tokyo, Japan, and Online. This meeting is headed by Prof. Jesús Lozano Rogado, President of DOS, University of Extremadura, Spain.

Why a Society dedicated to Digital Olfaction?

The Digital Olfaction Society (DOS) and olfactory digitization project was initiated by Dr. Marvin Edeas, Université de Paris, France, in March 2010 in order to highlight and exploit a world unknown so far, thus transferring the knowledge related to olfaction towards innovative technology.

Dr. Marvin Edeas stated: “Our idea is to create devices which not only can capture odors, but also turn them into digital data as well as transmit them everywhere in the world and restitute the original odor.”

The objective of DOS is  to gather, share, and complete the knowledge recently established about olfactory digitization. Our perspective is to build up constructive links between leading researchers and industrialists in order to set up appropriate strategies in order to implement Research & Development through practical applications with a high impact on our lifestyle thanks to the potential of olfactory digitization.

Challenges of the Digital Olfaction Society

DOS first challenge is to update existing olfactory Research & Development in several interdisciplinary sciences.

Second challenge is to consider the practical applications of digital olfaction, i.e., the way in which we can transfer the recent scientific breakthroughs. Indeed, a deeper knowledge in this field can represent a goldmine with its many applications in the communication, food, medical, and cosmetic industries.

Third challenge is to project those applications to everyday life to measure their impact on our lifestyle. There is no doubt that the digitization of smells, fragrances and aromas will be the technology of tomorrow.

More about DOS challenges.

Tokyo – Worldwide DOS 2023 Challenge

Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Pekin, New York…

The scientific committee of DOS is preparing a huge challenge: the digitalization and transmission of aromas and smell from all over the world to restitute them in Tokyo.

If you are a team located anywhere in the world: Paris, Berlin, Beijing, New York, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Stockholm, London, Madrid…, you can participate in this challenge. The only condition is that the team digitalizes a specific signature representative of its country (aroma, music or picture).

A team in Tokyo will restitute the signatures received and validate the perfect device. The restitution will take place in the spring of 2023.

Who is interested in DOS?

DOS gathers international researchers and academics, R&D departments in link with all the field of digital olfaction, chemistry, mathematics, physics, biochemistry, electronics, engineering, computer science, food and cosmetic industries, olfactory intelligent systems companies, marketing managers, investors and all other stakeholders in olfaction and digital olfaction industries in order to answer these questions.

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Call for Innovations & Demonstrations

The scientific committee invites all academics and industrials to present their recent innovations and research in the Digital Olfaction field.