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What to Expect during the 7th World Congress of the Digital Olfaction Society

After 4 years, the Digital Olfaction Society is coming back this November (29-30) in Tokyo, Japan, and online. Like every year, participants from all around the world will gather to discover all recent advances and innovations in the olfaction field. 

International speakers will gather to discuss digital olfaction in the medical, agricultural, and industrial fields. The 7th DOS World Congress’s main topics are, but not limited to:

  • Diagnostics and biomarkers, including TCA
  • Olfactory stimuli and olfactory metamers
  • Nanoscale analytical tools for pandemics
  • The history of different scent technologies
  • Digital olfaction strategies: their recent advances and applications
  • Different types of sensors used: e-noses, biosensors, gas sensors, disposable sensors
  • Wearable technologies in the detection of olfactory stimuli 
  • Coding of olfactory stimuli 
  • Respiratory diseases (including Covid-19), breath analysis & olfaction-based detections
  • Canine medical scent detection 
  • Digital olfaction strategies in cork stopper industry 
  • Digital olfaction strategies in agriculture 
  • Digital olfaction strategies in food industry & food processing

The aim of the 7th Digital Olfaction Society World Congress 2022 is to discuss:

  • The advances of digital olfaction Research & Development
  • The practical applications of digital olfaction
  • The impact of these applications on our life and lifestyle

Digital Olfaction Society World Congress 2022 will highlight:

  • The interdisciplinary sciences related to Olfaction and Digital Olfaction.
  • The way in which we can transfer the concrete breakthroughs of Research & Development towards industrial applications concerned by digital olfaction
  • How to design and extend the applications of digital smell technologies to everyday life
  • The impact of Digital Olfaction on COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment.

Call for Innovations & Demonstrations 

All academics and industries to present their innovations and products in the olfaction and digital olfaction world by submitting an abstract explaining your product’s principle.

If your abstract is accepted, you will have the chance to bring and show your devices, products and innovations on-site. As the meeting is hybrid, you can also choose to show us your innovations remotely, via a recorded video.

More information about the participation and topics.

Call for Abstracts 

  • Short Oral Presentation submission deadline: November 4
  • Poster Presentation submission deadline: November 11

More information about abstract submission.

Who will attend DOS World Congress 2022?

People from industries as well as academics are welcome.

The conference will gather international researchers and academics, R&D departments in link with all the field of digital olfaction, chemistry, mathematics, physics, biochemistry, electronics, engineering, computer science, food and cosmetic industries, olfactory intelligent systems companies, marketing managers, investors and all other stakeholders in olfaction and digital olfaction industries in order to answer these questions.


We remind you that the early bird registration ends on August 31

Register now.

We hope to see you all in Tokyo this fall for an exceptional meeting!

Digital Olfaction 2022 Annual Meeting
November 29-30, 2022 – Tokyo, Japan & Online