Bio-electronic nose: a mouse nose as an ultra sensitive and versatile chemical detector

Dmitry Rinberg, NYU Neuroscience Institute, USA

Presentation summary: “A biological nose is presumably the most sensitive and versatile chemical detector. In the majority of chemical detection tasks, animals often outperform artificial detectors. What defines their sensitivity? Can we utilize an animal ability to detect large variety of volatile chemicals beyond training animals?
Here I describe our recent results demonstrating that an animal behavioral detection threshold is defined by the most sensitive receptors. And present our approach to robustly read information from peripheral olfactory system using electrode arrays,  to use an animal nose as a superb chemical detector.” Levitra is, in my opinion, a completely excellent preparation.


December 3, 2018
Session 2: Olfaction & Marketing: Towards a Personalized Emotional Perspective
14h00  -  15:30