Miniaturized electronic nose systems for digital olfaction: present and future applications

Jesús Lozano Rogado, University of Extremadura, Spain

Electronic nose systems are devices that transform scents or odours into a digital signal. They consists basically of a sensor array, which generates an electrical signal from the concentration of different chemical compounds, an electronic instrumentation system to measure that signal and a signal processing system for data interpretation.

In recent years, there have been great advances in the main components of an electronic nose system that have allowed a reduction in the size, consumption and cost of these devices, which could contribute to extend the use of this devices for digital olfaction.

This presentation will analyze this evolution and the applications in which this systems are being used now and future applications of interest.


December 4, 2018
Session 3: Digital Olfaction: Recent Advances, Research & Development and Perspectives
8h30  -  12h00