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The 3rd Digital Olfaction Society World Congress 2016 was a huge success


DOS ChairsThe 3rd World Congress of the Digital Olfaction Society was held in Tokyo on December 7-8, 2016. This third edition was a huge success gathering around 70 attendees coming from academics but also industries.

Pictures of DOS 2016 of the congress are available by clicking here.

The program was divided in two parts:

  • The first part was dedicated to the presentation of the recent scientific advances in the digital olfactory field and the innovations in the area
  • The second part was dedicated to the presentation of the real demonstrations

To access the final program of the congress, please click here.

Cover Page Japanese The abstracts book of Tokyo DOS 2016 is available in PDF version.

You have not participated to the congress? You can order the abstracts book by clicking here.






Please find below few videos of the congress:

Cocktail maze using wearable olfactory display


Smelling screen mini: Presenting spatial odor distribution over the touch screen of a tablet computer


Aromastic, a personal aroma diffuser, changes the way you enjoy scents

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