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Polymer-Based E-Nose for Diagnosis of Head and Neck Cancer

News Releases, Digital Olfaction Society – September 30, 2022.

In a recent study, a polymer-based e-nose’s ability to detect Head and Neck cancer (HNC) was tested.

Due to the disease heterogeneity and the non-specificity of the symptoms, the diagnosis of (HNC) can be challenging, requiring tests that are often invasive, expensive and not broadly applicable. Non-invasive and cost-effective measures of upper respiratory and digestive tract pathology would be ideal for the diagnostic investigation in any patients.

The recently introduced electronic nose (e-nose) systems allow the real-time detection of VOCs by multiple nano-sensor arrays combined with potent learning algorithms. Regarding HNC, proof of concept studies have demonstrated that a metal oxide- based e-nose can distinguish head and neck squamous cell carcinoma subjects from healthy controls.

A total number of 45 subjects participated in this study. The first group was composed of 15 patients with histology confirmed diagnosis of head and neck cancer. The second group was made up of 15 patients with diagnoses of allergic rhinitis. The control group consisted of 15 subjects with a negative history of upper airways and/or chest symptoms. Exhaled breath was collected from all participants and sampled by the polymer-based e-nose.

As results, e-nose technology application showed high potential in the diagnosis of head and neck cancer, being an easy, quick, non-invasive and cost-effective tool.

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© Photo Copyright : Silvano Dragonieri et al., Sensors, 2022.

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