” Challenges need people with great willing ” 

Researchers, industrialists, marketing managers and all members of  Digital Olfaction chain, you are truly welcomed to join DOS to make the change happened together.

As a member of DOS, you have privilage access to:

  • discount fees for all DOS Congress
  • DOS congress report for free
  • the chance to participate to DOS Network Session
  • Your contact and field of interest will be added in Digital Olfaction Business to Business Book
  • We will provide you pertinent contact to develop your business and put you in touch with Digital Olfaction actors around the world
  • You will be have the privilege to participate to DOS Network Session

And you will find more strategic information from:

  • Journals and books related to all the field of Olfaction
  • Associations and blogs involved in the Digital Olfaction
  • Companies taking place in the heart of the Digital Olfaction market
  • Most innovative devices: electronic noses,artificial olfaction systems, …
  • International patents developed by the highest Research teams

To join DOS members, please click here. 

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