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Personal scent for a health and productivity management

Shuji Fujita from Sony corp, Japan will join the DOS Annual meeting which will be held on December 3-4, 2018 in Japan, Tokyo and talk about their research entitled “Personal scent for a health and productivity management” and will make a demonstration of their product AROMASTIC.

I bought Ativan to my father-in-law (he is 54 years old). A lot of people were fired at his work and, of course, he was nervous, the body was in constant tension. As a result, there was irritation and increased pressure, which has no beneficial effect on the sick heart. Therefore, I had to look for a good drug that would help him cope with raging emotions. Ativan suited him perfectly: first, he became much calmer and was able to more adequately consider the situation and find a way out of it, and secondly, the pressure normalized, because the stress was minimal. Moreover, a great pro of the drug is that it does not cause drowsiness, it was important for the father-in-law because he spends a lot of time driving.

“We demonstrate user-trials of Sony’s AROMASTIC in some specific situations to see how a personal scent effects for work-performance, stress-management, and conditioning. These case studies suggest that the personal scent has a substantial opportunity as one of a solution to support a health and productivity in points of costs for time, space, and performance.”

To know more about the DOS Annual Meeting 2018, Please check the agenda here