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Call for Innovations and Demonstrations

The deadline for sharing an innovation during DOS 2023 will be announced soon


The Scientific Committee invites all academics and industries to present their innovations and products in the olfaction and digital olfaction world by submitting an abstract of your project. Please also mention what you exactly need for your demonstration (space, material, etc.).

To take part in this challenge and demonstrations, you have 2 options:

  • In-Person Participation: If you will participate in-person, you can bring and show your devices, products and innovations on-site.
  • Online Participation: If will attend online, you are required to record their demonstration and send it to the organizing committee.

If you want to submit a Short Oral or Poster presentation, please follow this link for more information.

The topics that you can submit your innovations, demonstrations and abstracts are, but not limited to:

  • Digital Scent Media: Scented SMS, e-mail, websites, USB flash driver, CD, DVD, scented-print
  • Digital olfaction at the service of Human Health: Pattern mimicking the sniffing dogs, earomachology, nursing-homes, psychiatric hospitals, smell icons for blind people, olfactory diagnosis
  • Formation and Olfactory Memory : Class-rooms, cooking shows
  • Olfactory Marketing & Neuromarketing: Olfactive ads, olfactory packaging, interactive website, QR olfacodes, scented-menu….
  • Food Industry : Quality & safety control of food products
  • Digital Cosmetology : Own fragrance creation on line, smell-E-market
  • Olfaction and Jewelery : Revolutionary watches, alarm-radio, scented brooch
  • Olfactory Entertainment : Olfactory 3D movie-theaters, home’s gadgets, guided-tour in biology & perfumery museums
  • Digital scents at the service of Army: Simulating training systems, detection of danger, perfumes of military attack, explosive detection devices
  • Interactive scented games : Odorant teddy, video games
  • Housekeeping, Coziness & Safety at home: Home-care products, digitized fragrance house diffuser, hazardous odor detection devices
  • Olfaction & Auto industry : Olfactive attention assistance for tired driver
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