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Call for Innovations and Demonstrations



The demonstration session at DOS 2024 promises to be an immersive showcase of cutting-edge advancements in olfaction and digital olfaction. Participants have the unique opportunity to bring their innovations to life, whether through in-person presentations or thoughtfully crafted online demonstrations.

In-person Demonstrations:
Creators can personally exhibit their devices, products, and solutions on-site, fostering direct engagement with attendees.

Online Demonstrations:
The platform allows for the submission of pre-recorded demonstrations, enabling a global audience to witness and appreciate the showcased technologies.

While most demonstrations are expected to be in-person, a limited number of remote demonstrations may be possible. Authors planning a remote demo should clearly indicate so in their submission, outlining necessary facilities and describing the plan for coordinating the remote demo experience.


At DOS 2024, these demos will be featured during a special evening demo reception, running concurrently during the designated block of time for demonstrations.

The demo chairs may seek additional information during the review period to assess the feasibility of proposed demos, and a panel of judges will select one demonstration for the DOS 2024 Best Demonstration Award.

Submission Materials:

  1. A 2-page abstract (required) – Describing the project goal or research problem, contribution, and value to DOS attendees. It should outline cooperative activities, noteworthy ideas, a brief system description, and the demo’s relevance to the DOS audience.
  2. A demo system summary (required) – Providing details of the demonstration, the team, and the required setup.
  3. A video of the system in action, optional but recommended to illustrate the proposed demonstration.

Additional Information:
In a separate document, please include answers to essential questions, such as information about the presenter(s), their relationship to the project, and detailed demonstration requirements, including space, equipment support, and Internet connectivity.

Submission Instructions:
All materials, including the extended abstract, system summary, and the video’s URL, must be submitted via email to olfaction(at) by November 22, 2024. Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered.

Note: For all accepted submissions, at least one author must register for the conference.

Submission Topics:
Compelling demonstrations can include (but are not limited to) the following areas:

  • Digital Scent Media: Scented SMS, e-mail, websites, USB flash driver, CD, DVD, scented-print
  • Digital olfaction at the service of Human Health: Pattern mimicking the sniffing dogs, earomachology, nursing-homes, psychiatric hospitals, smell icons for blind people, olfactory diagnosis
  • Formation and Olfactory Memory : Class-rooms, cooking shows
  • Olfactory Marketing & Neuromarketing: Olfactive ads, olfactory packaging, interactive website, QR olfacodes, scented-menu….
  • Food Industry : Quality & safety control of food products
  • Digital Cosmetology : Own fragrance creation on line, smell-E-market
  • Olfaction and Jewelery : Revolutionary watches, alarm-radio, scented brooch
  • Olfactory Entertainment : Olfactory 3D movie-theaters, home’s gadgets, guided-tour in biology & perfumery museums
  • Digital scents at the service of Army: Simulating training systems, detection of danger, perfumes of military attack, explosive detection devices
  • Interactive scented games : Odorant teddy, video games
  • Housekeeping, Coziness & Safety at home: Home-care products, digitized fragrance house diffuser, hazardous odor detection devices
  • Olfaction & Auto industry : Olfactive attention assistance for tired driver

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