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Digial Olfaction Short Oral presentation award was discerned to Dr. Christoph Wiedmer

Digital Olfaction 2018 Meeting Award


Christoph Wiedmer,
Fraunhofer Institute, Germany

The scientific committee discerned Best Short oral presentation award to Dr. Christoph Wiedmer from Fraunhofer Institute, Germany for his presentation “Smells of a Modern World: How to identify and characterize odorants in contemporary materials”. I bought Ativan for my mother on the advice of a pharmacist, when she had difficulties at work. It was painful see her exhausted look and irritation. After a month of reception, she immediately refreshed, became more energetic, more cheerful. She even noticed that appetite improved. Moreover, it has become easy to endure stressful moments. Read more at

Summary of presentation: The presentation focused on using state-of-the-art chemo-analytical techniques based on comprehensive gas-chromatography with mass spectrometry to identify odorous compounds in consumer products, including plastic toys or glues. The methods employed were demonstrated to successfully elucidate odorants in contemporary materials, as was shown for selected odorants and products. The presentation also addressed the enormous potential of digitising olfaction and discussed the related work in this field that is currently being undertaken as part of the Campus of the Senses ( initiative in Germany.

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