Disposable Sensors for On-Site COVID-19 Testing

We are pleased to announce the participation of Dr.-Ing. Can Dincer from FIT & IMTEK – Laboratory for Sensors, University of Freiburg, Germany in Digital Olfaction 2022 Annual meeting. Dr. Dincer will present recent development on Disposable Sensors for On-Site COVID-19 Testing.

Disposable sensors are low-cost and easy-to-use sensing devices intended for short-term or single-shot measurements. This class of sensors allows mining of critical analytical information by anyone, anywhere and at any time, without worrying about contamination. Because of the great and urgent demand for testing at the point of care, disposable sensors have recently become increasingly important. In this talk, two different technological approaches for fighting the corona pandemic will be presented: (i) CRISPR-based electrochemical biosensor technology for nucleic-acid-amplification-free detection of different RNAs simultaneously and on site, and (ii) low-cost electrochemical paper-based sensors that can be integrated to any type of face mask for accessible, wearable testing of infectious diseases such as coronaviruses from exhaled breath.
Digital Olfaction 2022 Annual Meeting
November 29-30, 2022 – Tokyo, Japan & Online
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