DOS 2022 Speakers

Olfactory Receptors and Microbiota: Effects on Wound Healing

Founder & Chairman of the Digital Olfaction Society Committee, Institut Cochin, INSERM U1016, Université de Paris, France

40 Years of Electronic Noses: Main Improvements and Future Trends

DOS President, University of Extremadura, Spain

New Horizons in Application of Digital Olfaction for Table Olive Industry

Scientific and Technological Research Center of Extremadura (CICYTEX-INTAEX), Spain

Nanoplasmonic Biosensors for Virus Detection

Nanotechnology and Integrated Bioengineering Centre (NIBEC), Ulster University, United Kingdom

Internet of Things (IoT)-based Olfaction in Agriculture

Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran

Gas Sensors and Electronic Noses: Recent Developments at Spanish National Research Council

Instituo de Tecnologías y de la Información ITEFI-CSIC, Spain

How Wearable Technologies Can Support Scientific Research About the Human Reactions to Olfactory Stimuli?

The Institute of Clinical Physiology, National Research Council of Italy (IFC-CNR), Italy

Disposable Sensors for On-Site COVID-19 Testing

University of Freiburg, Germany

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