E-nose Analysis of Exhaled Breath for Improving Diagnosis in Patients with Respiratory Failure

The DOS committee is pleased to announce the participation of Prof. Laura Capelli from the Politecnico di Milano – Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, Italy.

Prof. Capelli will discuss the “E-nose Analysis of Exhaled Breath for Improving Diagnosis in Patients with Respiratory Failure“.

Non-invasive, bedside diagnostic tools are extremely important for tailoring the management of respiratory failure patients. The use of electronic noses for exhaled breath analysis has the potential to provide useful information for phenotyping different respiratory disorders and improving diagnosis, but their application in respiratory failure patients is very challenging.

In her presentation, Prof. Capelli will describe the development of a novel measurement apparatus for analyzing exhaled breath in such patients.

She carried out a feasibility study on 33 SARS-CoV-2 patients (25 with respiratory failure and 8 asymptomatic) and 22 controls to gather data on tolerability and for a preliminary assessment of the system sensitivity and specificity. The results of the study show that the novel sampling system was well tolerated by all patients. The classification model differentiated between respiratory failure patients and controls with very good accuracy, sensitivity and specificity (0.81, 0.92 and 0.68, respectively). In conclusion, the developed system proved suitable for the collection of exhaled breath samples from respiratory failure patients.

Prof. Capelli’s preliminary results suggest that breath-odour fingerprints may be sensitive markers of lung disease severity and aetiology, thereby indicating the possibility to adopt it for the diagnosis of different respiratory diseases.

Digital Olfaction 2022 Annual Meeting
November 29-30, 2022 – Tokyo, Japan & Online

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