Track 1: Advances of Digital Olfaction Research & Development

  • Devices to capture odors
  • Odors turned into digital data
  • Restitution of odors by data transmission
  • Artificial olfaction and biologically-inspired models
  • New Generation of Sensors & E-nose
  • High Smell Technologies such as electronic noses, neural circuits in olfactory systems, artificial intelligence olfaction systems, Biosensor systems, software programs, chemical engineering, Telecommunication

Track 2: The practical applications of digital olfaction

  • Medicine
  • Food industries
  • Agriculture
  • Cosmetics
  • Phone companies
  • Car Industries

Track 3: Digital olfaction and Human Health

  • Pattern mimicking the sniffing dogs
  • Earomachology
  • Nursing-homes
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Smell icons for blind people
  • Olfactory diagnosis

Track 4: Translational Research in Digital Olfaction

Track 5: Cancer & Olfaction

Track 6: COVID-19 & Olfaction

Track 7: Robotics & Digital Olfaction

Track 8: Digital Scent Media

Scented SMS, e-mail, websites, USB flash driver, CD, DVD, scented-print..

Track 9: The impact of digital olfaction applications on our lifestyle

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