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DOS 2025 Tokyo – Worldwide Challenge

Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Beijing, New York…

The Digital Olfaction Society’s Global Initiative aims to digitalize scents, leading up to the Revolutionary Scent Digitalization Challenge of 2025.

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Capturing odors from one city, converting them into digital data, and then transmitting and reconstituting them in another place.

The Digital Olfaction Society (DOS) announces a global initiative for 2025, aiming to digitize and transmit scents from various locations around the world for reproduction in Tokyo. This project intends to capture a wide range of fragrances representing the cultural diversity of the globe, leading to a significant development in Tokyo.

Invitation for Worldwide Participation

DOS invites teams from around the world to participate in this initiative. Whether located in major cities such as Berlin, New York, Dubai, or any place with a distinctive aroma, contributions are essential. The task involves digitizing a scent, sound, or image that represents the cultural essence of a location.

A team in Tokyo will work to accurately recreate these digital signatures, aiming to develop a device that accurately reflects each aroma’s character. The reveal of this technology in 2025 is anticipated to be a landmark in the advancement of olfactory digitization.

Application Process:

To participate in the Digital Olfaction Society’s 2025 Challenge, interested teams and individuals are invited to submit their projects and proposals directly to us. Applications should comprehensively detail the project concept, methodology for digitizing scents, potential impact, and any preliminary results or technological advancements achieved so far.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Project Description: Provide a clear and detailed description of your project, including the scent, sound, or image you plan to digitize, and explain how it captures the essence of your cultural or geographical area.
  • Technical Approach: Outline the technologies and methodologies you will use to digitize, transmit, and recreate the selected scent. Include any innovative aspects or advancements your project introduces to the field of digital olfaction.
  • Impact and Relevance: Discuss the potential impact of your project on the digital olfaction field, including how it contributes to the cultural diversity of global scents and its applicability in various sectors.
  • Team Background: Share information about your team’s expertise, previous work in related fields, and the roles of team members in the project.
  • Timeline and Milestones: Provide a projected timeline for your project, including key milestones and stages of development.

Selection Criteria:

We will only select advanced projects that demonstrate a high level of innovation, feasibility, and potential impact on the digital olfaction field. Projects will be evaluated based on their technical merit, creativity, and contribution to advancing the understanding and application of digital scent technology.

Financial Support for Selected Projects:

For projects that are selected, financial support can be provided to assist with development and realization. This support is part of our commitment to fostering innovation and progress in the field of digital olfaction.

Supporting Partners:

We are currently in discussions with several countries interested in marking the history of the first transmission of digitalized smell. These potential partners share our vision for the challenge and are considering providing support to facilitate the success of selected projects.

If you wish to support this initiative, please contact us.

How to Submit:

Please send your project proposal and any supporting documents to: .

Ensure your submission is comprehensive and adheres to the guidelines provided.

Deadline for Submission:

All proposals must be submitted by January 2025. Late submissions will not be considered.

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