Welcome to Digital Olfaction Congress 2018

Digital Olfaction Society Meeting 2018Welcome to Digital Olfaction Congress 2018 Annual meeting.

After the success of the three DOS World Congresses (Berlin, 2013 and Tokyo, 2014-2016) and the two congresses on Olfaction & Issues (Paris, 2010 and Milano, 2016), the scientific committee decided to organize its annual meeting: Digital Olfaction Society Annual Meeting which will be held in Tokyo in December 3-4, 2018.


DOS 2018 meeting will be divided in three parts:

  • Olfaction & Issues 2018: Science, Applications, Strategies & Marketing
    Day 1 – December 3, 2018
  • Digital Olfaction 2018: Recent Advances & Perspectives
    Day 2 – December 4, 2018
  • Digital Olfaction Society Challenge2018
    Day 2 – December 4, 2018

Olfaction & Issues 2018: Science, Applications & Strategies – December 3, 2018

The first part of the meeting is dedicated to Olfaction & Issues in 2018. The aim of this first part is to present the latest advances and applications of olfaction in health and sciences, life style and marketing.

The manipulation of olfaction can introduce substantial advantages in health, design and marketing if we integrate odors in appropriate and ingenious ways. The design and marketing of odors is not only associated with perfumes, but also with other items that are typically odorless, such as buildings and places. It is possible to create odors that induce memorable emotions in users. We can accomplish this if we govern and simulate the entire process of production, perception, and evolution of olfactory communication and messages, which must be consolidated with the other sensory receptors.

Olfaction & Issues 2018 will highlight different strategic topics:

  • Olfaction 2018: recent scientific advances & perspectives – the sense of smell in health
  • Olfaction & marketing: towards a personalized emotional perspective

Digital Olfaction 2018: Recent Advances & Perspectives– December 4, 2018

In the second day, the scientific committee will allocate time to discuss about the digital olfaction, and the oral talks will be combined to demonstrations of olfactory displays. People will take part to those demos and will enjoy mysterious experience to have digital olfaction in the daily life.

The aims of Digital Olfaction part are to discuss:

  • The advances of digital olfaction Research & Development
  • The practical applications of digital olfaction
  • The impact of these applications on our life and lifestyle

Digital Olfaction Society Meeting 2018 will highlight:

  • The interdisciplinary sciences related to Olfaction and Digital olfaction.
  • The way in which we can transfer the concrete breakthroughs of Research & Development towards industrial applications concerned by digital olfaction.
  • How to design and extend the applications of digital smell technologies to everyday life?
  • Digital Olfaction and Artificial Intelligence: in this session, we will highlight how artificial intelligence will push the digital olfaction into and new level.

Challenge: call for Innovations and Demonstrations

The Scientific Committee invites all academics and industries to present their innovations and products in the olfaction and digital olfaction world by submitting an abstract.

Moreover, the Scientific Committee invites also the academic and industrial teams to present the most innovative appliances, devices, methods, ideas … during the demonstration session.

Call for Digital Olfaction Society World Challenge 2018
The Scientific Committee invites all teams to apply for the first world challenge of the Digital Olfaction Society.

How does it work?

The idea is the following:

  1. capture odors from Tokyo
  2. turn them into digital data
  3. transmit and restitute them in Paris

DOS Date
The first transmission of odors will be present during Tokyo Digital Olfaction Meeting on December 4.

If your team is able to manage this challenge, please contact us before September 25 to present your project.

Among teams involved:
Japan – Tokyo Medical & Dental School
Finland – University of Tampere
Spain – University of Extremadura
USA – Monell Chemical Senses Center

We look forward to welcoming you in Tokyo for this particular event.

Marvin Edeas – Founder of the Digital Olfaction Society