DOS Tokyo 2018 – Speakers already confirmed

Sexing up human pheromones: How a corporation created a “scientific” myth
Tristram Wyatt, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Bio-electronic nose: a mouse nose as an ultra sensitive and versatile chemical detector
Dmitry Rinberg, NYU Neuroscience Institute, USA

Smell loss: a marker of cognitive decline, dementia, and mortality
Marta Larsson, Stockolm University, Sweden

The Language of Smell: Connecting Linguistic and Psychophysical Properties of Odors
Jonas Olofsson, Stockolm University, Sweden

Smell and smell perception: Recent advances & perspectives
Andreas Keller,
Columbia University, USA

The power of scents – Scent in context
The use of smell to raise public awareness of environmental situations like air pollution
Peter de Cupere,
PXL-MAD School of Arts in Hasselt, Belgium

Olfactory function and the social lives of adults: recent advances
Johan Lundström,
Monell Chemical Senses Center, Sweden

Enhancing user interaction with olfactory experiences
Marina Carulli,
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Can mice detect odour of neoplasm​ before clinical symptoms?
Agata Maria Kokocińska-Kusiak,
Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Detection of target odors in cluttered environments
Dan Rokni, The Hebrew University, Israel

Imaging an odor
Thierry Livache,
CSO of Aryballe Technologies, France

Sniff-cam for real-time imaging of volatile chemicals
Kohji Mitsubayashi, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan

Olfactory receptors, microbiota and digital olfaction: myth or reality?
Marvin Edeas, Founder & Chairman of the Digital Olfaction Society Committee, France

Exploration into olfaction and experiential strategy: State of Art
Djamchid Assadi, Groupe ESC Dijon-Bourgogne, Dijon, France

Miniaturized electronic nose systems for digital olfaction: present and future applications
Jesús Lozano Rogado, University of Extremadura, Spain

Smell-enabled VR Games for Olfactory Training
Simon Niedenthal, Malmö University, Sweden

This list will be regularly updated.
If you would like to give a presentation during DOS meeting, please send us an abstract.