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Electronic Noses for Cancer Diagnosis

What are the diagnostic performances and methodologic challenges of using electronic noses (e-noses) to detect cancer in exhaled breath?

News Releases, Digital Olfaction Society – Tokyo, Japan – August 30, 2022

There has been a growing interest in the use of e-noses in detecting volatile organic compounds in exhaled breath for the diagnosis of cancer. However, no systematic evaluation has been performed of the overall diagnostic accuracy and methodologic challenges of using e-noses for cancer detection in exhaled breath. This systematic review and meta-analysis identified 52 studies with 3677 patients with cancer, from which pooled analysis found e-noses to have a sensitivity of 90% and a specificity of 87% in detecting cancer. Most studies were feasibility studies with small sample sizes and poor standardization.

Results indicated that e-noses have a high diagnostic accuracy for the detection of cancer in exhaled breath. However, most studies were feasibility studies with small sample sizes, a lack of standardization, and a high risk of bias. The lack of standardization and reproducibility of e-nose research should be addressed in future research.

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